Sponsorship is the easiest and most cost-effective way of advertising with Free FM. It means you get to build a special relationship with a particular show on our station, with ads played in and out of the sponsored show, prominent mentions from the broadcaster, and many more opportunities to promote your brand. Sponsorship costs begin at only $25 for a half-hour show - download the Free FM Rate Card for more.

As Free FM is a registered charity, the cost of sponsoring a show is a tax deduction for businesses. On top of that, it's seriously cost-effective - see our Free FM price comparison page to find out more.

There's also the fact that through sponsoring Free FM, you’re helping support a vital community resource. Our hundreds of dedicated volunteer broadcasters wouldn't have a place to make radio for their communities without our sponsors, and we thank you for it.

How it works

When you sponsor a show with Free FM, you recieve:

  • A number of ads, which can be played in and/or out of the sponsored show. The number of ads depends on the show sponsored. For instance, a half-hour show recieves 3 ads each week. Ads are professionally produced in-house by Free FM to specification, free of charge.
  • A number of adlibs, which are prominent mentions of your organisation as the sponsor during the sponsored show - "this show is brought to you by..."  "Thanks to our sponsor...", etc.
  • Your logo and a blurb explaining your business on the show page of our website. This logo can link back to your website, if applicable.
  • As the sponsor, you are entitled to appear on the sponsored show for brief advertorial interviews (each valued at $60) a maximum of once per month.
  • Once a year, we provide the opportunity for sponsors who have been with us more than six months the opportunity to appear in our Sponsorship Spotlight. This promotion offers you extensive coverage, including a spot on the front page of the Free FM website, coverage in our social media channels, and on-air promotion.

Bonus: On top of this, we’re prepared to offer extra advertising as a signing bonus to the value of $200 if you sign for a six month sponsorship, and $400 if you sign for 12 months, to be used at any time during the sponsored period.

Talk to us today!

Contact us today to see how Free FM can help your business be heard - email sponsorship@freefm.org.nz or call 07 834 2170. We'll be happy to visit you at your place, or send you a Free FM Ad Pack.

Download the Free FM Rate Card

Free FM Rate Card

Free FM Sponsorship and Advertising Options

Important figures

Free FM has:

Over 22,000 podcast downloads per month since 89.0 FM relaunch in August
2000 + Facebook fans - and growing all the time
3000 newsletter subscribers
Broadcast range - all of the Greater Waikato

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