Welcome to the home of real community radio in the Waikato - Free FM. 

All our shows are made by, for and about real people like you! This is independent community Access radio, and it’s yours.  From here you can listen to a great range of local radio programmes, talk to us to promote your information on air, or find out how you can host your own show.  So feel free to make yourself at home ...

<p>Welcome THE HUM!  As an independent, community-based and not-for-profit media outlet, we're always looking for ways to support the growth of our sector.  Over the last few years we've hosted LPFM [low power... Daptone Records is an independent record label based in Brooklyn, New York.  Musician-owned and run, the family of soul-drenched talent channels the spirits of bygone powerhouse production studios and record labels like Stax and Motown. Gutsy, passionate, enthusiastic and challenging - Mike Pulman uses a wheelchair, but refuses to let it define his life. Tune in - Fridays from 3.30 Fresh back from a trip home to Kabul, Sameer's behind the mic for his weekly Afghani language show Voice Of Afghanistan [6.30pm Fridays] and available via accessradio.org and the iTunes Store.

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