Welcome to the home of real community radio in the Waikato - Free FM. 

All our shows are made by, for and about real people like you! This is independent community Access radio, and it’s yours.  From here you can listen to a great range of local radio programmes, talk to us to promote your information on air, or find out how you can host your own show.  So feel free to make yourself at home ...

<p>2014's been a great year for Free FM - our programme schedule is busier and more diverse than ever, but we're always keen for great new radio show/podcast ideas that represent and reflect our community. Interested?... Angus & Julia Stone are an Australian brother-sister folk-blues group who have been working with famed producer Rick Rubin on their latest excellent album.
Free FM's CHALK FEST is back for 2015! Individuals and teams can register by emailing marketing@freefm.org.nz and yes of course it's free!  Read more: http://www.freefm.org.nz/about-us/chalk-fest-2015 The Young Workers Toolbox covers all employment issues - contracts to trial periods, to workplace unions, to the lowdown about social media at work. Check it out Thursdays from 4.30, or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.

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