Welcome to the home of real community radio in the Waikato - Free FM. 

All our shows are made by, for and about real people like you! This is independent community Access radio, and it’s yours.  From here you can listen to a great range of local radio programmes, talk to us to promote your information on air, or find out how you can host your own show.  So feel free to make yourself at home ...

<p>They've been all over Breakfast, Seven Sharp, and of course the new TV2 series 'Bogans'. And they're part of OUR Monday ROCK NIGHTS!  Join Doc Bogan and Fro for The Feral Crew, Mondays at 10pm</p> Sing into My Mouth is a covers album by Iron & Wine and Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses that was released on July 17.  The album's title is a lyric from the Talking Heads song "This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)".
There's ALWAYS new shows at Free FM - and this month we welcome Hindu visions and Ayubowan Sri Lanka to our ETHNIC ZONES It's NZ's premier AWARD-WINNING 'uncultured round up of social media and tech' !

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