We champion a platform for direct involvement in the media by the region's diverse communities.E kookiri ana maatou i te atamira paapaaho moo ngaa Maataawaka
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Uru atu i te mahi kaihanga ihirangi hootaka maa Free FM  -  Become a Free FM Content Creator

Ko wai ngaa Kaihanga Ihirangi o Free FM?
Who are Free FM content creators?

Free FM's content creators are all volunteers for their communities or for themselves, and you can be one too.

If you have a good idea for a show, we'll provide free training and support to help you find your voice. Free FM is your station.Get involved and tell us what you really think

Me aha ahau kia Kaihanga Ihirangi maa Free FM?
What do I need to become a Free FM content creator?

All you need is an idea!

  • What do you want to make a show about?
  • Who is this show for?

We are always interested in new content and can help you make it happen. Contact us anytime to talk over your ideas.

He aha teetehi whakaari Ihirangi maaku?
What can I make a show about?

Shows on Free FM cover a diverse mix of subjects – health, community, music, youth, faith – from all communities in the Waikato. You are welcome to broadcast in any language that suits you and your audience whether they are many or few in number.

Free FM is a resource for people to make content by, for and about the community. You can read more about the Community Access Media values on our about us page.

Me peehea ahau ki te tiimata?
How do I get started?

If you have an idea of what you want to do and who it’s for, the next thing is to contact us

From there, we’ll work with you to develop your concept, teach you about our equipment and processes and how to promote your show to your audience.

The next thing is to fill out this Creative Brief form (it’s simple, and a great way to better form your ideas) and then contact us.

Me peehea meenaa he tauhou au ki teenei mahi?
What if I've never done this before?

Perfect. That’s the point – Free FM is media by the people. If you can make a phone call and send an email, you can make a show at Free FM.

All new content creators go through training at their own pace, to ensure they are ready and capable to start broadcasting with confidence. Nobody starts on air until they (and we) know they are ready to go.

He ture? Teenaa, e tohutohu mai ana koe he aha ngaa koorero maaku te kii atu?
Are there rules? Are you going to tell me what to say?

No. Once we have agreed your show concept, it’s all yours. We don’t tell you what you can or can’t say, but all Free FM content creators must comply with the requirements of the Broadcasting Act 1989 and the standards set down by the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

When will I be on? How will people listen?

We will schedule your show where it best fits within our on-air listening zones (Breakfast / Community / Drive / Ethnic / Music /Weekend).

You are welcome to broadcast live or pre-record your show on site or elsewhere. The Free FM studios are available to all content makers, but we can also help with alternative ways of creating content which might make it even easier!

Free FM broadcasts across the Waikato on 89.0 and we stream to the world via our website, our accessmedia.nz app and several others. And we use a variety of podcast platforms for on-demand digital delivery.

Organisations making shows at Free FM are asked to pay an airtime contribution of $25 (plus GST) per half-hour. We can work with you to find a sponsor for your show to offset these costs or you might already have one in mind.

Please don’t let cost be a barrier to getting your ideas on air – talk to us

Be Involved With Free FM

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Proudly Funded by New Zealand On Air to create NZ Podcasts and Content