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Who are you?                    
FreeFM launched on 1 August 2012, building on the great work of Community Radio Hamilton which has been around since 1991. Read more about our history here.


So you're a community radio station then?
Yes we are, but we're more than that! We serve the community, we certainly represent the community, and we work hard to develop relationships with community groups, but Access stations do more than that. Read more about Access Radio.


What do you mean by "Access" radio?             

We are part of the Access radio network, and a member of the twelve-station Association of Community Access Broadcasters [ACAB]. New Zealand on Air assists Access stations financially, with the expectation that we:

"- ensure that a range of broadcasts is available to provide for the interests of women, youth, children, persons with disabilities and minorities in the community, including ethnic minorities" (Section 36(c) of the Act).

In June 1989, the Minister of Broadcasting issued a Directive to NZ On Air that says that "it is part of the general policy of Government in relation to broadcasting that access radio services should be available for a broad range of non-profit community groups"

FreeFM lives and breathes this concept.



 Who listens to FreeFM?    
All sorts of people ! We don't target any one group, or any one generation, but strive to provide a range of programmes of interest to everyone. If what you hear isn't to your taste, try tuning in later, or another day.


Why do you have such a strange mix of shows?
We call it 'eclectic and varied' ! We take our aim of representing the entire community very seriously, and the result is a mix of content that far exceeds commercial and most community radio stations.


Why do you have shows that I can't understand?
Migrant communities are a significant part of the Waikato community, and are specifically named as a priority group for Access Radio representation. We continue to invite all migrant and new settler communities to have a go at making content, and are constantly delighted at the fresh and exciting shows they bring to our airwaves. Some of our very best shows are presented by migrant groups - have a listen, you might be suprised.


Why don't you get some better DJs?
Everyone here is a volunteer, not a professional 'radio jock'. We represent everyone, and this comes across loud and clear. Mistakes get made, voices vary in their clarity, and often our presenters have English as a second (or third) language - that's the way Access Radio is, and this is worth celebrating !


What happened to my favourite show? presenter?

All shows are hosted by volunteers, and they come and go. People leave town, people choose to take a break, new groups need to be accommodated, so our programme schedule gets adjusted - you can keep up with the latest schedule here.



Who chooses the music?
The show hosts choose their own music, and the station programmers carefully and skillfully select the rest of the music that plays across the schedule - including our Feature Album of the Week.  We don't focus on Top 40, and we're not a rock station. We do have themed music nights [Monday - rock, Tuesday - Americana, country, bluegrass, Wednesday - blues, Thursday - reggae, ska, rocksteady, Friday - electronica and hip hop, Saturday - rock]. Like the programmes, the music is diverse and we're confident that true music lovers will love the sound. Of course we're happy to take feedback [see link on left hand side] and we welcome music submissions. CDs can be mailed to Free FM, PO Box 110, Hamilton.


Where can we hear FreeFM?
Our 89FM signal comfortably reaches the greater Waikato region. The exact coverage depends on the device you're using, but our signal comfortably travels well beyond Te Kauwhata to the north, west as far as Raglan, east as far as Te Aroha, and a long way south beyond Putaruru and Tokoroa.


How else can I tune in?                       

Radio is changing - more and more people choose new technology for their media consumption. We offer a number of ways that you can tune in  from anywhere at any time.

Live streaming is available via this site - simply click the Listen Live icon to the left. Smart device users [any iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, Google devices, etc] can use this stream in a number of ways. Visiting this site and clicking the Listen Live link will work, or you can find us in popular live streaming apps such as the popular TuneIn app.



 What if I miss something great?         

We replay a number of popular shows, usually in late evening timeslots. Check out current schedule.

Most of our shows are also available as podcasts so users can listen to them or download for later, on demand. Follow the Podcasts link on the left. All Free FM shows are listed alphabetically first, followed by hundreds of shows from the other Access stations.

Our podcasts are also shared via iTunes and many are listed by othe rpopular podcast providers such as TuneIn, Stitcher Radio, etc.


Do you still have a question you would like answered? Please use our feedback feature.

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