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Free FM's volunteer broadcasters are real people, and not radio professionals.  Together they keep the Station on-air 24/7, supplemented with a great mix of carefully-selected music and a satellite feed from the BBC World Service. 
We are always interested in introducing new Access radio shows to our schedule, and invite interested individuals or groups to talk to us about their ideas for a radio show. We'll provide free training and support to help you find your voice in the media on Free FM.  
As a community Access radio station, the kind of shows we're most interested in are those that reflect the values inherent in Section 36c of the Broadcasting Act (more on that on our About Us page), being 'by, for, and about' a specific interest, point of view, or belief. 

Our shows cover a diverse mix of health, community, music, youth, faith, and ethnic interests.

We also welcome potential hosts for our Free Breakfast (7-10am, weekdays), reserved for community information, interviews, and diverse music content that reflects our diverse Station programming. 


Interested? Here's how you get started.

If you've read this you probably have an idea for a show, or have been approached by the Station regarding the possibility.  First things first...

     o     Do you represent a community group who wish to have their message aired?
     o     Are you interested in presenting a show relating to a specific cause or concern? 

If the answer to either of these questions is "yes", then note down your ideas. The best model is to think about the content, what you would include, what you would exclude, whether you see the show as a mix of music and talk, interviews, pre-recorded content from another source, or a mix of all of these.  By writing down your ideas, you start to develop a programme framework. 

To help with this process, you are welcome to use our Show Planning Template.

Then give us a call ...


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