Getting Started

Once you've completed your Show Planning Template, Free FM's Programme Director and/ or General Manager will be happy to meet with you to discuss the details of your show proposal.  At this point we can provide excellent advice on the framework, and suggest alternative ways of presenting the show, and even offer to assist with show content.  Contact us to arrange a time to meet with you.

While we do not dictate the content of your show, please remember that we need to ensure the appropriateness of the show concept, how it fits with the community Access radio framework, how it sits alongside other existing shows, and whether we even have an available timeslot.  We may need to approve the concept pending an available time. Ultimately, the Station reserves the right to approve and reject a show.


OK, so my show's been approved - now what? 

The Programme Director is responsible for scheduling of all shows, and will position your show where it best fits within our on-air listening zones (Breakfast / Community / Drive / Ethnic / Music / Weekend).  It may be that the show best fits at a time that isn't your preferred time - a point for negotiation between parties. We have a production studio which allows broadcasters to pre-record their show (rather than broadcast "live") so we can then schedule the show to play automatically at the scheduled time. 

Show duration likewise must fit our needs. Remember also that Free FM reserves the right to alter both positioning and duration, but we always do our best to position shows that meet the aims of the Station, and maximise the exposure of your show to its intended audience. 

At the time your show is approved, we will ensure you are familiar with all Free FM policies, and ask the show representative to sign a contract stating that you will comply with these policies. 

Of course you can't go on air unprepared, and we would never expect you to!  Free FM has a studio set aside for training purposes. Any new broadcaster will be taken through a self-paced training plan, ensuring you are both competent and confident with the challenge ahead of you. Periodic refreshers are also available.

A vital source of revenue for Free FM is sponsorship of shows. We offer a range of sponsorship options, but the normal sponsorship package would comprise of naming association with the show, periodic mentions of sponsors during the show, along with 30-second advertisements played throughout the show.    

The station commits significant time to establishing sponsorships, but we do also rely on broadcasters seeking out potential sponsors.  Should a new broadcaster arrive with a proposed sponsor, the station will take over negotiation of sponsorship packages and responsibilities.

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