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Community Focus is a two-hour examination and analysis of issues involving Hamilton and the Greater Waikato, focusing on local, regional and national politics, and community events and personalities.

Join Martin Gallagher, Sonya Church, Holly Snape and Willsy [left to right - in the pic, not politically] as they regularly interview community leaders, individuals working in social services, local and national politicians, and commentators abour regional and national issues; and comment on local happenings and concerns.

Although Community Focus has a tendency towards a left-wing perspective, the hosts will endeavour to deliver a balanced selection of guests for its listeners.

Interviews will be inter-dispersed with tracks from Craig's collection of Eighties music.  However, fans of New Zealand and Sixties music, and Martin will be catered for.

Every week you'll get the inside scoop on Saturday's edition of the Waikato Times.And don't miss out on Martin's weekly bouquet and brickbats session.  You may want to phone in on 07 834-1206 and share in this session.

Co-hosts Brief Profiles
Martin is the past  constituent Member of Parliament for Hamilton West and former Deputy Mayor of Hamilton.  Despite having an extensive background in history and a Master's degree in Social Sciences, Craig is a beneficiary advocate with a firm belief in social justice for all. Sonya is involved in the local community and politics, and Holly is a manager in a local NGO.


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