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Allan Halse is the director of Culturesafe New Zealand Limited, which has a particular focus on advocacy work with employees and employers alike when employment disputes arise. Allan is also engaged in a number of proactive community initiatives to encourage employers to create positive environments and prevent issues arising. Allan is passionate in his opposition to workplace bullying and has been described as an "anti workplace bullying champion". He contributes to a number of newspapers and has also featured in the North South magazine in a recent workplace bullying article. Allan and some of his clients feature prominently in a Prime TV documentary on workplace bullying that is due to go to air shortly.

Allan was brought up in a rural community north of Whangarei where he learnt his sense of social justice and his desire to help others. Allan has worked in both private enterprise and in the public sector over more than 40 years. He has strong knowledge of employment H&S legislation and has a life time of practical experience as an advocate for work colleagues, union members, friends, family and in the past year clients of CultureSafe NZ Ltd.   During the past 4 years has personally supported or represented more than 200 victims of workplace bullying.





CultureSafe New Zealand prevents harm to employees caused by bullying and harassment. They achieve this by delivering services such as training; systems; reviews and process assessments that will create safe working environments which are supported by business cultures that benefit both employers and employees.













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