Fighting Stigma



“Creating a nation that values and includes all people with mental illness” the vision for Like Minds Like Mine Project.

Our show “Fighting Stigma” is all about talking about the stigma and discrimination faced by people who have personal experiences of mental unwellness. The show is hosted by Danielle, who has had her own ups and downs with mental health, and loves to share stories from her own journey.

One of the greatest barriers to recovery is discrimination; and the show aims to change people’s attitudes and behaviour. The information shared is researched weekly to give our listeners a better view of mental illness. A wide range of topics are covered, from information about different diagnosises, to what is being said in the news about mental health.

"Fighting Stigma" provides a holistic approach towards one’s recovery journey and hosts a range of guest speakers who support the message of this show.

We hope that you take the time to listen to the show, and think about your own mental health.




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