Nothing But The Truth


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Back behind our busy lives we all have questions that need answered.
For example, what is the purpose of my life? Is there a deeper meaning to it? Why am I here? What will become of me? Is there life after death?

If such issues lurk at the back of your mind, then, maybe, you are one who seeks the truth. For you, perhaps the answers of political correctness and PR spin don’t satisfy. Neither do the half-lies of popular culture.

So, if you are one seeking deeper meaning in life join presenter John Aldworth on the weekly programme Nothing But The Truth. Broadcast at 5pm Sundays on FreeFM89 this programme shares insights gained by John from many years in journalism, study of history and current affairs and, most of all, from that source of all real truth, the King James Bible, God’s true word preserved in English.

Importantly, while Bible truth is discussed, it is always addressed in terms of how it really impacts people and their lives. Indeed, the extent to which God’s word is either believed or ignored has a dramatic effect on individual lives and in the world at large.

For example, is Islamic belief becoming more influential in New Zealand because many so-called Christians no longer believe what the Bible really says? Tune in to Nothing But The Truth and hear this issue and other important ones questions discussed.

For those seeking real answers Nothing But The Truth provides a way to find God. For those who already believe in Christ, the programme aims to share the “truth as it is in Jesus” (Ephesians 4:21). There are so many religious voices, so many different denominations. What is the truth? For presenter John Aldworth it is found only in the God-man Jesus who lived on earth and died to save us from sin. Today from a far higher place of power He speaks the “word of truth” we need to hear.

So, tune in at 4.30pm Sundays to Nothing But The Truth, a broadcast that is sure to give food for thought as it shines the spotlight of Bible truth on life and tells how we can fit into God’s programme for today.

Queries: email, visit the website or phone (07) 856 4655.

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