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"Jamaica is an incredible island. How and why this island, with 2.7 M population only, has so many musicians is a mystery, whatever people say."
Your place, The Reggae Kulture Show will help you to discover the rich history of Ska,Rocksteady,Reggae, Roots reggae up to it modern current trends. Not only what's come out of Jamaica since the early 1960's but other artists and bands from all over the globe as well as our own ever growing talented local and national bands from here, New Zealand.
There'll be interviews with historians, authors,archivists,collectors as well as artists and bands helping you the listener to unravel the timeline that has made this music what it is today. We'll try to bring you what you won't hear anywhere else on main stream radio stations.
Bob Marley,Peter Tosh,Bunny Wailer,The Wailers,Burning Spear,Black Uhuru,Black Slate,Culture,The Congos,Steel Pulse,Lee Perry,Augustus Pablo,Jacob Miller,Inner Circle,Gregory Isaac and many many more. Wow, these names remind us of a truly great period in music history the will feature on The Reggae Kulture Show.

 One can find it everywhere, on the streets, on the bus, in public places, at work and at home.In effect, reggae music permits not only enjoyment and relaxation, but carries a message of love, peace, unity, and promotes true equality.

 Reggae music is inspired from traditional African music that Bob Marley revived and spread out of Jamaica and across the entire world in the 70's. Today, reggae music has expanded considerably and it has continued to develop. It is an image of interbreeding between blacks and white, between traditional music and modern music. Reggae music addresses itself to different social classes, generations and cultures.
This is the reason reggae music is music of the world. The rhythm of this music is based on the beating of the heart. Represented in the beginning by the drums.

So tune into The Reggae Kulture Show every Thursday night from 9:00pm and listen to what many consider, THE BEST MUSIC EVER CREATED.
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