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The Blues Room, Wednesdays at 9pm

The Blues (blûz) has been defined in many ways, heres a few definitions:

"A state of depression or melancholy"
 "A style of music that evolved from southern African-American secular songs and is usually distinguished by a strong 4/4 rhythm, flatted thirds and sevenths, a 12-bar structure, and lyrics in a three-line stanza in which the second line repeats the first"
"The blues is an expression of anger against shame and humiliation" (B.B. King)
"African-American music, developed in the South during the mid-1800s, that became the foundation of most American popular music".

People have been defining the Blues for years but John Lee Hooker summed it up rather nicely when he said, "the blues is a story."  What you'll hear each week from The Blues Room is a variety of blues grooves, each with a story of their own.  As well, you'll get to hear new blues from around the globe, old classics and some local New Zealand blues.  There'll be something you've never heard before and perhaps something you'll know all the words to.  You'll hear the Roots of the blues and you'll hear the Fruits of the blues.

Blues Room host, Nate Taiapa, will air Interviews with local and international artists, provide up to date Blues News, announce Giveaways, and from time to time host LIVE Jams on air so please stay tuned.

Got Promos you want played? Queries or Requests? Please email The Blues Room  
The Blues Room Blog for podcasts of each LIVE episode

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What people are saying about The Blues Room and it's host, Nate Taiapa:

Phil Grey, General Manager, FreeFM

"AWESOME!! We're totally blessed to be the home of The Blues Room - congrats to Nate for keeping the Blues happening on our airwaves"

Darcy Perry
"Without your Blues Room, the world would be a darker place. Your show has brought joy to many listeners and a voice for some who would otherwise be "overlooked" by commercial radio. You are a champion of roots music here in Aotearoa. Long live The Blues Room!"

Jason Ricci
"Without shows like The Blues Room on Community Radio Hamilton and guys like Nate Taiapa our band would really have to play blues - more than we already do! It's been through grass roots efforts like Nate's show 'The Blues Room' that keep small and large bands alike playing American music alive over seas."

Alex Dixon (The Late Great Willie Dixon's Grandson) Dixon Landing Music
"Dear Nate,
Thank you for doing such a tremendous job...My grandfather, Willie Dixon, would be proud to know that your hard work is making this possible."

Albert Castiglia (guitarist for Junior Wells) Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
"I just want to thank you for the great work you do, spreading the gospel of the blues with your awesome program, The Blues Room. You should be commended for showing people that there is a world beyond the mainstream and that this world is pretty wonderful."

Mike Garner
"The support of you and your blues show, Nate, for home-grown, NZ blues is critically important for Kiwi blues artists like me...airplay is really important, because most of my CD content is original material, so it's not just NZ musicianship - but NZ songs, too!
I value the way you ALWAYS feature a high percentage of local music in your play lists. You're a gem - wish there were more of you!"

The Blues Room voted Finalist for the Best Ethnic or Access Music Programme, New Zealand Radio Awards, 2008




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