By Name

Aapki Mahphile-Harmony-- Minority Language
Active Age on Air-- Community Information
Addicted To Rock-- Music
Artspace-- Hobbies & Interests
Back Porch Bluegrass-- Music
Bahai Time-- Religion & Belief
Barangay NZ-- Minority Language
BBC Documentaries--
Buddhism on Air-- Religion & Belief
CanQueer-- Gender & Sexuality
Chinese Breeze-- Minority Language
Church and Faith-- Religion & Belief
Community Focus-- Community Information
Connect With Community Waikato-- Community Information
Cosmopolitan News & Views-- Community Information
Council Comment-- Community Information
Crossover Kiribati-- Minority Language
CultureSafe-- Community Information
Democracy Now-- Community Information
Dr Carl Bamlet: The Modern Caveman--
Earth Matters-- Hobbies & Interests
Feet Up!-- Disability & Health
Fighting Stigma-- Disability & Health
Flat Out Pride-- Gender & Sexuality
Free Left Turn-- Community Information
Friend of Marilyn: Fat Activism-- Disability & Health
From the Fringes-- Hobbies & Interests
GO FEET! Radio-- Music
Great News & God's Views-- Religion & Belief
Harmony Waikato-- Music
Hindu Visions-- Religion & Belief
Historic Souvenirs-- Community Information
iDad: Full-time, Full-on-- Children & Youth
India Dil Se-- Minority Language
Island Reggae Luau-- Music
Jalsa Fiji Radio-- Minority Language
Kampai Japan-- Minority Language
K'aute Pasifika on Air-- Community Information
Kelli From The Tron-- Politics
Left, Right and Centre-- Community Information
Licorice Allsorts-- Music
Life Study of the Bible-- Religion & Belief
Mate's Express-- Community Information
Millsy Rocks-- Music
MPR: Mike Pulman Radio-- Hobbies & Interests
Musafir Hoon Yaaro-- Minority Language
Na Voqa Kei Viti-- Minority Language
Nepali Radio-- Minority Language
New Sights - Burmese Radio Show-- Minority Language
Nothing But The Truth-- Religion & Belief
Paakiwaha with Willie Jackson-- Community Information
Paul The Other One-- Community Information
Praisable Vibes--
Radio Buddhist-- Religion & Belief
Raízes Aotearoa -- Minority Language
Reggae Kulture-- Music
Retrospect '60s Garage Punk Show-- Music
Russian Radio-- Minority Language
Safe and Sound-- Hobbies & Interests
Sai News-- Religion & Belief
Salam Ashna-- Minority Language
Scotty's Place-- Hobbies & interests
Shanti's Corner-- Minority Language
Shanti's Punjabi Masala Rasoi-- Minority Language
Southnet-- Community Information
Spin-a-Tale-- Children & Youth
Suzy & Friends with Suzy Cato-- Children & Youth
Tama Niue Plus-- Minority Language
Tamil Allai-- Minority Language
Te Puutake-- Minority Language
The Blues Room-- Music
The Christian Science Sentinel - Radio Edition-- Religion & Belief
The Daily Challenges Show-- Disability & Health
The Filipino View-- Minority Language
The Free Breakfast!-- Community Information
The Idiot's Lantern-- Children & Youth
The Jazz Hour-- Music
The Joe Hip Hop Show-- Music
The Night Shift-- Music
The Voice Within-- Religion & Belief
The Week In Parliament--
Vedic Wisdom-- Religion & Belief
Voice of Afghanistan-- Minority Language
Waikato Rocks!-- Music
Wassup Fairfield!--
Western Community Centre Radio Show-- Community Information
Whitiora Bible Church-- Religion & Belief
WINGS: Women's International News Gathering Service -- Gender & Sexuality
World Wide Wilson-- Children & Youth
Wrestling Roundup-- Hobbies & Interests
Your Catholic Corner-- Religion & Belief
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