Free FM is a not-for-profit community Access radio station.

Free FM offers a unique product - with unique opportunities for our supporters to reach your customers. We are a Community Access radio station: proudly independent, non-profit, and perhaps most importantly, the community broadcaster in our region. Our purpose is to welcome our diverse communities to come and make radio shows. This means only Free FM can reach the niche community groups we serve, and we can connect them with you!

We are a Charities Commission registered charity (as Waikato Community Broadcasting Charitable Trust), which means that any sponsorship or donation you make to us is tax-deductible. What's more, we are inexpensive and cost-effective to work with. Taking out sponsorship or advertising with us complements your existing marketing. Find out how Free FM advertising and sponsorship costs compare.

Our broadcast signal on 89.0 FM covers the greater Waikato from north of Huntly to Tokoroa, coast to coast. Access radio is partially funded through the generous support of New Zealand on Air, but we also rely on programme sponsorships, advertising, grants and donations to cover costs.

That's where you come in.

Sponsoring shows and advertising on Free FM is a great way for your organisation, business or event to be heard - and to be seen doing good in your local community. Here's how we can help each other.


Sponsorship is by far the most cost-effective, efficient and easy way to advertise with Free FM. Sponsoring a programme forms a partnership between the sponsor, the programme broadcaster, the station and the audience. Sponsorship rates start from as low as $25 per week. Discounts and part-sponsorships can be arranged - and we also offer a signing bonus for sponsorship contracts over 6 months. Oh, and because we're a registered charity, sponsoring Free FM is tax-deductible. Find out more about sponsorship.


Our low prices mean advertising with Free FM will complement your existing marketing efforts. Our rates also help community organisations who might not be able to commit to a large advertising spend. Our base rate is $12.50 per 30 second advertisement, but this is flexible depending on your needs. Find out more about advertising with Free FM


Donating to Free FM is easy via the secure GiveALittle website. Donations to Free FM are tax-deductible. Find out more about donating to Free FM.

Talk to us today!

Contact Josh today to see how Free FM can help your business be heard - email or call 07 834 2170. We'll be happy to visit you at your place, or send you a Free FM Ad Pack.

Download the Free FM Rate Card

Free FM Rate Card

Free FM Sponsorship and Advertising Options

Important figures

Free FM has:

Over 22,000 podcast downloads per month since 89.0 FM relaunch in August
1500 + Facebook fans - and growing all the time
3000 newsletter subscribers
Broadcast range - all of the Greater Waikato, from the Bombay Hills to Taumaranui, coast-to-coast

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