Welcome to the home of real community radio in the Waikato - Free FM. 

All our shows are made by, for and about real people like you! This is independent community Access radio, and it’s yours.  From here you can listen to a great range of local radio programmes, talk to us to promote your information on air, or find out how you can host your own show.  So feel free to make yourself at home ...

<p>Our local Samoan community has a voice on local airwaves with the launch of Talofa Samoa!  The show airs 6pm Wednesdays and 6am Fridays and is podcast via accessradio.org</p> Hailing from Rotorua, STRANGELY AROUSING is slowly making their way into the New Zealand music scene with their unique sound and stage performance, and won fans at their recent Nivara Lounge gig. As part of August's THE BIG LISTEN we whipped up a promo video - check out Free FM and how to get involved! Sandra, Paul and Lynley cover animal welfare and rights and plant-based diet recipes and other issues related to our use of animals, including the environmental impacts of farming. Mondays 5.30pm / Tuesdays 10.30am

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